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Finance Council

The Finance Council stewards the assets of the parish and, as a consultative body, advises the Pastor on the appropriate allocation of funds.

What is GiveCentral?

Parishioners’ Frequently Asked Questions
What is GiveCentral?

GiveCentral is an electronic donation service – a safe, secure and paperless way to make Sunday donations.  Contributions can be charged to your credit card, debit card or checking account, according to the frequency you specify (weekly, monthly, or annually).  Contributions to our Capital Campaign, for holy days (e.g. Christmas, Easter) and other special collections (e.g. Religious Retirement Fund, Catholic Charities) can also be charged using GiveCentral.

How will using GiveCentral help me?

Use of GiveCentral will give you assurance that your contribution will be made timely, even if you are on vacation or away from home on business.  You will be issued a statement which shows the amount and date of your contribution.  In addition, you may accumulate “points and/or rewards” using your personal credit card.

How can I sign up for GiveCentral?

There are several ways to sign up.  On our parish website at, click on either the “Donate” or “GiveCentral” link…..OR log on at, ….OR complete a GiveCentral application which can be found on the pamphlet racks in our narthex…..OR call the parish office (847-398-3362) and a member of staff will assist you.

Is there a fee for me to use GiveCentral?

No, there is no cost to the person making the contribution.

Does the use of GiveCentral cost the parish?

There is a cost to the parish for the use of GiveCentral.  The fees are based on which type of credit card is used (i.e. Discover, Visa, American Express, etc.).  A small fee is also charged for electronic checking.

If I contribute using a paper check, is there a cost to the parish?

A fee is charged for every personal check processed by the bank.  There are also costs incurred in the recording of personal contributions made to St. Edna.

How will my use of GiveCentral help my parish?

Statements of deposits are available to the parish on a daily basis.  There is less need for the handling of contributions by staff.  Regularly scheduled contributions assist the parish in budgeting and paying bills. 

I would like to participate in the offertory as the basket is passed.  What can I use?

Some parishioners who are already contributing electronically through GiveCentral have chosen to continue receiving envelopes, marking the “give electronically” box.  There are also cards in the information racks in the narthex that can be placed in the collection basket in place of a contribution envelope.

Set up electronic donations at or

About Our Council

The primary focus of our council includes:

  • Monitoring and assessing our financial condition
  • Planning for our future financial needs
  • Advising the Pastor on the appropriate allocation of funds

Council Members

Wayne Fritz

Jim Perkins
Rich Rabs
Theresa Stoklosa (Rec.)
Loren Walla
Jim Williams