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Pastoral Council

As stewards of the St. Edna Parish Vision, the Pastoral Council acts in an advisory capacity to our Pastor, assists in prioritizing needs, and provides leadership.

About Our Council

The primary focus of our council includes:

  • Researching the needs, the ideas and the hopes of the faith community
  • Encouraging and supporting existing ministries
  • Evaluating the quality of life of the faith community
  • Planning for the parish’s future by recommending policies, procedures and programs that will implement its values and fulfill the church's mission

The Pastoral Council believes that God has given everyone the gifts of life, time, talent and treasure, and it is our responsibility to share these gifts according to God’s call.  Drawing on the abundance Stewardship at St. Edna, we will help provide liturgies, expanded faith formation, and educational programs. 

The Council interacts with the other leadership groups in our parish such as the Office of the Pastor, Parish Pastoral Staff, Finance Council, and the Stewardship Council.  We will be working very closely with our four commissions: Faith Formation, Worship, Parish Life and Human Concerns and their ministries.  The Council supports and encourages them to fulfill their mission of providing for a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  We wish to work to bring this peace and love of Christ to those who currently do not experience it.

In short, we act in an advisory capacity to our pastor, assist in prioritizing parish needs and provide parish leadership. The Pastoral Council recognizes the diversity of our parish and strives to represent that diversity in our council.  The ability to listen is an important quality and our decisions are reached by discussion and coming to a consensus.

Please click here for biographical information about each of the members of the Pastoral Council.

Council Members

Ann Marie Thomas
Daryn Waite

Justin Abbink
Phil Blomeke
Sean DeGrazia
Dominic Fernandes
Kathie Galvani
Steve Jabek
Emily Kopetsky
Tom O'Neill
Ethan Salm
Marie Schalke
Theresa Stoklosa (rec.)
Denise Swanson
Theresa Watkins
Deacon Joe Yannotta