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Confirmation Prep - 8th-10th Grade

Our two-year program is designed to prepare the young people of our community to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Registration is OPEN for then 2022-23 Confirmation Prep Program

Welcome to St. Edna'sConfirmation program! Here in this parish the preparation begins in the student's school year of 8th grade and then celebrated in the fall of their 10th grade. THe Confirmation preparation class is a 2 year program. 

The content of our program is evolving! Over the course of the last couple of years, due to Covid regulations, our program, both assignments and class meetings was 100% online. This year, as we navigate the rapidly changing circumstances around Covid, we are now offering an in person experience once again! How this will take place will be with bi-weekly in house sessions of fellowship, prayer, and small group discussions on various topics assosiated with the sacrament.

Read below to see where you student falls within the new Confirmation Prep Program Guidelines!

Now there may be some teens out there who may be in these grade levels or higher and haven't participated in Religious Education every year. Confirmation is still an option for you! Students who will be in 8th grade or higher in Fall 2022 may be enrolled in Year 1 of the program which will be held during the Fall 2022 school year. Students who have completed Year 1 and who will be in 9th grade or higher in Fall 2022 may enroll in Year 2 of the program which will also be held during the Fall 2022 school year.

Click here for details on the structure of the Fall 2022 school year program.

Click here for the registration link to the Fall 2022 school year program for Year 1 and Year 2.







Important Rite of Confirmation Documents


 Confirmation Prep Program Calendar