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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

For one week during the summer, we explore the Bible in an age appropriate manner (for children in grades Pre K-6th).

Vacation Bible School is still here BUT it is going VIRTUAL! 

Vacation Bible School 2020 will be different, yet isn’t every VBS unique in its own way?

Isn’t the Spirit in VBS the creativity unleashed when we are in the presence of and cooperate with God’s love?

With five area parishes collaborating on this year’s VBS, it could be the most creative and unique ever, as we draw on the amazing talent and ingenuity that collaboration brings. Digital age technology cannot replace the energy generated by gathering with others in the same place at the same time. It does afford us a completely new range of possibilities and choices.

We know you and your kids are sick of e-learning, tired of Zoom meetings and desperately in need of a break from screen time. We have considered all those issues when planning this year’s VBS.  Fun!  We need fun!

Things to consider

VBS does not begin until June 29(this is a change in our original date by one week, but with no school you might be looking for something to do by that time).

VBS will have NO ZOOM meetings

Your kids will not be sitting in front of a screen for extended periods.

Materials you need to participate is pre-packaged and pre-recorded.  You’ll need glue, pencils, coloring, etc that you have at home.  Contact us if you don’t have these items.

The scheduling is extremely flexible and totally in your control.  You can choose to do the five days of VBS every day for a week, one day a week for five weeks or in any other configuration that works for you, (online materials will be accessible until September 1, 2020).  Do as much or as little as you want – if your kids like some activities they can do them several times.

Online Registration begins June 1st

We’ll make sure you can find the information by posting in the bulletin, website, and emails.

$20 per camper (Already paid?  Our fee is now lower, so let us know if you want to donate the difference.)

Pay it forward option, help other kids attend camp

Need assistance?  Let us know! 

Did you already register? We’ve moved to a virtual platform. We’d love for you to continue with us this summer. 

Respond to by June 1st if there’s any changes.  Otherwise, you’re good to go!

Jr. High and High School Teens—want to help or need service hours?  Contact us about how you can get involved.  Things are happening NOW!

If you have any questions, please contact: 

            Heather Daudelin (St. Edna) –


VBS Registration Link 

If you would like to register as a participant or would like to volunteer, enter in this link:












For more information or to volunteer, please contact:
Heather Daudelin, Email