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Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

St Edna Inquiry on Catholic Christianity RCIA. Are you interested in becoming Catholic? Are you an adult Catholic wishing to receive First Communion and Confirmation?

So What Exactly is the R.C.I.A Process?

R.C.I.A. stands for the Rite Of Christian Initiation For Adults. The process, begun during Vatican Council II in the early 1970’s, calls upon the local communities to form the men and women who are called by God to join the Catholic Faith.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

At St. Edna, the process begins in early September with the Investigation Into Catholicism series. Here, all are invited to learn more about the Catholic Faith, as different topics are discussed on a weekly basis. The attendees include those who are of a different Christian faith communities, and those who are not baptized. In addition to these groups of people, the R.C.I.A. Team also attend the sessions. At the end of the Inquiry process, the attendees are asked whether they hear the call to join the Catholic Community.

The process of Christian Initiation ultimately leads to mission. Becoming a Christian means choosing to share in the mission of Jesus. Jesus’ mission was to proclaim the reign of God. He came among us to transform the world into kingdom of truth, grace, holiness, love, justice and peace. When we are Baptized into Jesus Christ, we inherit the mission that Jesus entrusted to his Church.

When do we meet: Sundays after 9:30 am Mass
Where do we meet: In Community Room
When do we start: September 11th, 2022

The question is, what is RCIA?
RCIA = Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
RCIA is a journey of faith adults follow to become a member of Catholic Church. Through this journey the participants strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus said to his disciples, “Come and see.” John:1:39
Jesus does not want us to follow Him blindly, but He wants us to make a choice freely and with all the information we need to decide.

Who would like to join the RCIA?
Anyone who wants to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is for three categories of people:
1.) Adults who have never been Baptized, who now desire to become Catholic.
2.)  Adults who have been baptized in other Christian denominations but who now wish to become Catholic.
3.) Baptized Catholics who never received their First Communion and Confirmation and now want to complete their Sacraments of Initiation

Additionally, Catholics wishing to renew their faith and adults married or engaged to non-Catholics might be interested in this journey of faith.

The goal of RCIA is spiritual conversation centered on Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

Part of your RCIA journey, you will need support of godparents/sponsors.  
To understand the role of godparents/sponsors, click HERE.

If you have any questions or interest in RCIA Call Razia Khokhar at 847-398-3362 Ext. 341 OR email:

Please use this RCIA Inquiry Form HERE.

RCIA Theme 

- Scripture / How do Catholics interpret the Bible? 
- Who is Jesus / Holy Trinity?
- Teachings of Jesus
- Prayer
- Mary
- Saints
- History of the Church / early Church / St. Peter and St. Paul
- Mystical union of Christ & the Church
- Liturgy and Eucharist
- Biblical walk through the Mass
- Liturgical year with focus on Advent, Lent, and Easter
- Nicene Creed and Our Father
- Sacraments
- Moral Theology (Catholic Moral Teaching)
- Social Justice and discernment
- World without end (Life, Death, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory)
If you have any questions or any suggestions, feel free to let us know. We will try our best to incorporate them in our program. 
You may view the schedule HERE


Razia Khokhar
847-398-3362 x341


  RCIA Inquiry Form 
  Role of godparents/sponsors HERE.
  RCIA Schedule HERE