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Santa Sacks

This ministry provides small Christmas gifts and necessities to children of food pantry registrants from St. James Parish in Chicago.

2016 Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks - Share the Spirit of Christmas

This is an opportunity to provide children at St. James Parish, our Sharing Parish in Chicago, with much-needed necessities and small gifts for Christmas.  Inside each bag you will find information with suggested items to be included. The total amount spent should be a minimum of $30. Please do not wrap any items. Also, please reinforce bags as needed.

Senior Sacks and Sacks for Homeless Adults - More Ways to Share Your Christmas Spirit!

We will again offer opportunities to fill a Senior Sack. This year they will be given to the Little Sisters of the Poor Home in Palatine. Sacks for homeless adults are also available and will also be given to St. James.  A list of suggested items will be provided; the amount spent should be similar to Santa Sacks.  Thank you so much for participating.

How Our Program Works

This Ministry collects items and distributes them to needy children of our sharing parish, St. James in Chicago.

Parishioners are invited to sign up as Sponsors to purchase and donate items for the Santa Sacks.  Lists of suggested items are provided for both boys and girls and for various ages.  Included are suggestions for small clothing items like hats or gloves, small toys, food certificates, school or art supplies, etc.  The Santa Sacks are collected and distributed in December.

Volunteer meetings begin in September in order to coordinate the collection and distribution of the gifts.  The event is publicized in the bulletin.

Join Us

For more information or to participate in this ministry as a Sponsor or Volunteer, please contact:

Ann Marie Thomas
Theresa Watkins
Mary Salm