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Updated Letter from Fr. Darrio

As Of April 7, 2020:

Welcome to Holy Week, everyone!  Please be sure to see the DECREE from Cardinal Cupich that was issued Palm Sunday.  Click on that link on our website Home Page.

Masses are still suspended up to and including Easter Sunday throughout the entire Archdiocese of Chicago and because of the Stay-at-Home Order issued by our Governor, (extended now to Friday, April 30th) the entire St. Edna Campus is still LOCKED AND UNAVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PRAYER and also for REGULAR CHURCH BUSINESS.

Thank you for understanding that blessed palms are NOT available this year, even after the suspension of Masses is lifted.  Our Palm provider had to shut down production due to the Stay-At-Home order, thus no palms are being provided to us.  Holy Thursday Mass from St. Edna will be available on our website and Facebook on Thursday, April 9th as of 7 pm (Deacon Joe Yannotta will be the homilist).  A beautiful Good Friday Service will be available on Friday, April 10th beginning at noon on our website and Facebook (with Deacon Jim Pauwels delivering a homily during the Service).  Easter Sunday Mass will be available as of 8 pm on Saturday, April 11th on our website and Facebook.  Because the Church is locked there WILL NOT be the traditional Blessing of Easter Foods in Church on Holy Saturday, April 11th but we have provided a link on our website for families to bless their Easter Foods AT HOME.

Outreach for the poor is available ON SATURDAY MORNINGS ONLY, from 9 a.m. until noon.  Thank you for your overwhelming generosity to our food pantry.  Please keep placing groceries in the covered storage bin between the benches near the Main OFFICE ENTRANCE (Door #6).  Since night-time temperature lows are still occasionally below freezing, please refrain from bringing any foods that could freeze in this outside storage bin overnight.  Our maintenance crew brings the food into the building each morning.  Thanks!

Please continue mailing your weekly donations to us so we can pay our parish bills.  Thank you for your amazing generosity!  You have been WONDERFUL!  Possibly consider electronic giving, if that is easier.  There is a Give Central link on our website for those who are considering electronic giving.  This coronavirus will take a toll on us financially, if we don’t continue supporting our parish during these very difficult times.

Sunday Mass from St. Edna will be available each weekend on our website and Facebook for the duration of Mass suspensions.  Additionally, several other Mass options are available on TV and on-line for you to consider.  A whole list of them are mentioned on the home page of our website.  Various prayer options are also listed.

Take a look each day at the Archdiocese of Chicago website for the latest information regarding decisions that we must follow.  On their website you can also click on the link to view daily mass from Holy Name Cathedral.

Keep praying an end to this global pandemic and pray for a cureKeep praying for those in the medical “front lines” who are really struggling right now.  Some of them are our parishioners.  Follow all safety precautions to keep yourselves well.  Perhaps after this week, things will begin to improve.  Queen Elizabeth of England said the other day, “I hope in the years to come, everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge”.  Her sentiments are mine as well.  Do your part now.  Don’t panic.  Be not afraid.  Act with grace and dignity.  This emergency will end and when it does, what a wonderful thing it will be to gather together again, in worship, as the Faith Community of St. Edna Parish.

Have a blessed Holy Week.  Thanks for all your prayers for me and for our Staff.  You are in OUR prayers.  May God continue to bless us all.

Fr. Darrio