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Section 2 - Where Do We Go From Here?

This section of the report will highlight some of the results from the previous section, as well as give possible solutions to some of the issues that the bulletin is currently facing.

People want more options for a faith-based bulletin

  • 60% of people read the Faith Formation section
  • 44% of people read the Take Five for Faith section
  • Ideas
  •      Include articles/ reflection pieces from credible outside sources,
         such as the Loyola Press (who have been contacted and all of
         their stuff is free to take and publish) or the Archdiocese
  •      Include more faith-based reasons to take the bulletin home
  •          A prayer-of-the-day type of thing, a reading of the day,
            something along those lines


71% of respondents want to see highlights of all the different ministries here at St. Edna

  • Have a "Ministry of the Month" type of article, which would feature a
    different ministry, what they do, who's involved, and how to join
  •      Stewardship Council is going to take the lead on this one

54% of Resopndents want to see Human Interest or Stewardship Stories in the Bulletin

  • Could there be some kind of connection between all of that, both
    online and in the bulletin?
  •      Have an online blog or a YouTube channel featuring these stories?
  •           Can highlight different ministries that way, too

94% of Resopndents read the Upcoming Events section

  • That's awesome!
  • However, it's not being utilized enough
  •      The dates in here could be used weeks or months ahead of time
  •      This way, at the very least, people could save the date
  • Is there a way to have an "Upcoming Events" page or section in the
    bulletin that's not restricted to Parish Life?
  •      For example, the upcoming Triduum event
  •           It might be a good idea to have that as a line in the Upcoming
              Events - more people might be likely to find it

61% of Respondents read about the events outside of St. Edna, and 33% want to see more outside events being advertised

  • Bring back a "What's Happening in the Community" page
  • This would be an optional page or set of pages that would strictly be
    for events that are happening in our surrounding community
  •      Exceptions: events that are supported, being hosted by, or being
        attended by one of our ministries
  •          Example: Respect Life Ministry supports Walk for Life, so that
             event would go under their ministry instead of on the
             community page
  • This way, the space under our commissions wouldn't be taken up by
    events that aren't even happening here


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