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Section 4 - New Bulletin Guidelines

This section will go over the new bulletin guidelines that are to be followed when submitting ads for the bulletin.

Step 1: Ad information

  • For each Commission/Council/Ministry
  • Event being advertised - include the following information:
  •      Who is being invited
  •      What is going on
  •      When is it going on
  •      Where is it going on
  •      Contact person/method for parishioners (who they need to
         contact for information about the event)
  •      Best way to contact - email, phone, website
  • Does your ad have pictures?  Are they attached?
  • Does your ad need pictures?  If so, what type(s) of picture(s) are
    you looking for?
  • Date of first bulletin you'd like ad to appear in*
  • A "save-the-date" ad does not count as part of your two-week
    maximum run-time for an ad, but please keep in mind that particular
    ad should be a true save-the-date (i.e. "Here's what is coming up
    for our ministry/commission/council")
  • *Please keep in mind that there is a two-week maximum for bulletin

Step 2: Ad Layout

  • The first week of your ad can be no bigger than a 1/4 page
  • The second week of your ad can be no bigger than a 1/2 page
  • Due to space constraints, not everybody can have a full page.  If
    you need a full-page ad, please contact the Director of
    Communications beforehand to discuss the details
  • To keep the bulletin in a consistent format, three (3) fonts will be
    used throughout the publication:
  •      Times New Roman (serif), Arial (sans-serif), and Lucida
        Handwriting (script)
  •      You can play with the sizes and formatting of that particular text
         if you are creating the ad yourself, but please stick to using those
         three fonts

Step 3: Contact Information

  • Please include the following contact information should the bulletin
    editor need to get a hold of you
  • This information will be for the bulletin editor's eyes only, and will not be
    printed in the bulletin
  •      Name
  •      Email or Phone Number, whichever you prefer

**Please Note**

  • These are simply guidelines.  Because of spacing issues, it is impossible to give everybody what they want.  I will do my best to adhere to everybody's requests, but there will be times when I am simply unable to.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Content can and will be edited as needed


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