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Section 6 - New Website Guidelines

This section will outline the new guidelines and standards for our website. This section specifically pertains to those who are in charge of keeping their respective web pages updated.

Original Guidelines

  • Please keep in mind, when this website was created, the St. Edna Website Team created a set of guidelines as to how the pages should be laid out.  Please follow these guidelines for each of your ministry pages
  • The web page can be found at:
  • These guidelines may change/be updated as time goes on, or pending further discussion, but for now, these are the standards to be followed
  • Your creativity can come into play with the verbiage and images that you choose to use


  • In order to uphold these standards, pages will be checked on a weekly or a bi-monthly basis
  •      I will be "cleaning up" pages as necessary, in order to match up
        with our standards
  •           The content won't change, but the formatting will

Page Updates

  • If you or someone on your commission want to continue to be in
    charge of your web pages, that's fine
  •      If not, you hav ea respective website liaison for each of the
         commissions, and I'm happy to be that person for the
         leadership councils*
  •      I am also the website liaison for the Worship Commission
  •      *This means that I will do a light proofreading of your content
          as needed, but the majority of the content should be created as
          well as proofread by your respective ministries, councils, or
  •      I suggest appointing a "content editor" on your team
  •           This will be the person who emails me or your respective web
              liaisons as often as s/he needs to with the content your
              ministry wants on the website
  •                When emailing me content, any and all emails regarding the
                   website should have Website Content in the subject line
  •           My "web day" is usually on Fridays.  This is a day I will spend
             strictly on the web site, updating page content for whatever
             needs to be done.  My deadline for website submissions is
             Thursday evenings.  If I don't receive any content by then, your
             web page will not be updated until the next week.
  •      I also suggest copying me when you are sending an email to your
        respective websiet liaisons on emails for website submissions

**Please Note**

  • These are simply guidelines.  I am trying to make the website more streamlined, and I would really appreciate your support.  If at any time you have questions, or are curious to know more about the features our website has, please do not hesitate to contact me


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