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Parish Calendar



September, 2022

  Sunday, September 25  
  10:30am   R.C.I.A. (CR)  
  10:30am   Gary Daigle & Nancy Holpuch Reception (DC)  
   1:00pm   Confirmation Retreat (Church & PC)  
   5:00pm   Confirmaton Class (Church & PC)  
  Monday, September 26  
   9:30am   Prayer Shawl Ministry (HC)  
   6:30pm   Finance Council (HC)  
   7:00pm   Adult Confirmation Class (PC)  
   7:00pm   Theological Seminar Series (CR)  
  Tuesday, September 27  
   8:30am   Breakfast with Friends (CR)  
   6:30pm   Cantor Rehearsal (Church)  
  Wednesay, September 28  
   7:00pm   Choir (Church)  
   7:00pm   Prison Ministry (HC)  
   7:00pm   "The Chosen" Adult Faith Pgm (PC)     
   7:30pm   MOYA - Young Adults (TC)   
  Thursday, September 29  
  10:00am   "The Chosen" Adult Faith Pgm (PC)      
   6:30pm   Children's Choir (Church)  

October, 2022

  Saturday, October 1  
  12:00pm   Blessing of any Pet (Church Enterance)  
   1:00pm   Communion under the Canopy  
  Sunday, October 2  
  10:30am   R.C.I.A. (CR)  
   1:15pm   Baptisms (Church)  
   5:00pm   Confirmaton Class (Church & PC)  
  Monday, October 3  
   9:30am   Prayer Shawl Ministry (HC)  
   7:00pm   Adult Confirmation Class (PC)  
   7:00pm   Theological Seminar Series (CR)  
  Tuesday, October 4  
   8:30am   Breakfast with Friends (CR)  
  Wednesday, October 5  
   7:00pm   Choir (Church)  
   1:00pm   WOSE, Guild 6 (CR)  
   CR: Community Room    DC: Doherty Center  
   HC: Hurley Center          PC: Parish Center  
   TC: Teen Center  




Upcoming Events
(Save the Date!)

September 25
   "Say Good-bye" reception for Nancy Holpuch and Gary Daigle 

October 9
   Tail Gate Party

October 14
   BUNCO Game Night

October 15
   Men's Club Day of Reflection

October 22
  Craft Fair

October 23
   Trunk or Treats!

  • Outreach is open
    every Saturday, from
     9 a.m. to 11:45am. 

  • Holy Communion
    under the Canopy
    Every Saturday,
    1:00pm - 1:30pm

  • Office is open -
    Monday -- Thursday
             8:30am - 7:00pm
             8:30am - 1:00pm
         9:00am - 1:00pm

    Office CLOSED M-Th 12-1pm


  The office will close at 7:00pm Monday-Thursday, some evenings we may close earlier if there are no activities scheduled.  
We suggest you call us at 847-398-3362 before you come to the office to make sure that someone is available.  

Thank You for your patience and support!