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Parish Calendar

Upcoming Events at St. Edna

  Friday, February 28  
 7:00pm Stations of the Cross—Church  
  Saturday, February 29  
 8:30am Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
10:00am Knights of Columbus meeting—Hurley Center  
  Sunday, March 1  
 9:30am Liturgy of the Word for Children—Church, Hurley Center  
12:00pm Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
 4:00pm Confirmation Class—Doherty, Hurley Center  
 4:00pm SNL Rehearsal—Church  
  Monday, March 2  
 9:30am WOSE Guild 1—Doherty Center  
 9:30am Prayer Shawl Ministry--Hurley Center  
 4:30pm Options Ministry Team—Teen Center  
 7:00pm Adult Confirmation Preparation Session—Doherty Center  
 7:00pm Kingdom Retreat Team—Hurley Center  
 7:00pm SECT Team—Hurley Center  
 7:00pm Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
  Tuesday, March 3  
 8:30am Coffee with the Pastor--Community Room  
 8:30am Grandparents Prayer Time—Hurley Center  
 9:15am Transformations—Hurley Center  
 5:30pm Religious Education—Doherty Center  
 6:30pm Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
 7:00pm RCIA—Community Room  
 7:00pm Human Concerns Commission—Hurley Center  
 7:00pm Rosary—Church  
  Wednesday, March 4  
 7:30pm Choir—Church  
  Thursday, March 5  
 1:00pm WOSE Guild 3—Hurley Center  
 6:00pm Children's Choir Rehearsal—Church  
 6:30pm 6:30pm Faith Formation Meeting—RE Office  
 6:30pm Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
 7:00pm   Peer Ministry Team  
  Friday, March 6  
 7:00pm Snack Theater Band Rehearsal—Lower Level  
 7:00pm Stations of the Cross—Church  
  Saturday, March 7  
 8:30am Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level  
  Sunday, March 8  
11:00am RCIA—Community Room  
12:00pm Snack Theater Rehearsal—Lower Level, Parish Center  
  4:00pm SNL Rehearsal—Church  




Upcoming Events

February, 2020 !

February 28
  Stations of the Cross

March, 2020 !

March 6
  Knight of Columbus Fish Fry
   Proceeds benefits the
   St. Edna Youth events
    (at Knights of Columbus hall)

March 9 - 12
   Multi-Parish Mission,
    hosted at St. James

March 14
   First Communion Retreat

March 17
   Religious Education Lenten

March 22
   Faith & Science - a Fr. Kartje

March 30
  Lenten Reflection with 
   Joy Anderson

March 31
  Multi-Parish Reconciliation 
   at St. Edna (3pm)