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Stewardship Ministry

Inspiring our community to express gratitude of God’s many gifts through service to God and one another

New Discernment Tool

The act of Stewardship can help you find your clarity.  If you would like help in discerning how you can best Serve, go to the "Discernment Tool" link on the right side of this page to download our new “Spiritual Gifts Discernment Tool,” which can help match your skills, interest and talents to available ministries within our Parish.  Take the quick survey and start living a more fulfilled life today!

About Our Ministry

The primary focus of our council includes:

  • Inspiring our community to actively engage in Stewardship and Service opportunities.

To that end, the council has been involved in a number of activites:

  • Currently planning the annual Stewardship Renewal Weekend and surrounding communications (witness talks, publications, etc) that accompany it.
  • Updating stewardship brochures and materials on our website with a goal of adding more personal witness stories that inspire people to action.
  • Continuing to develop means of communicating the Stewardship message to various audiences/age groups.
  • Facilitate matching volunteers to service opportunities by offering additional publicity and invitations to serve.


Brent Johnson, Email
Deacon Greg Beeber, Email

Vince Caffarello
Nancy Holpuch
Karen Janisch (rec.)
Larry Sacony

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about Stewardship at St. Edna, please Email Us.