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Bowling - Mixed/Seniors

Singles/mixed bowling league with a majority of parishioner members. Relatives and friends are welcomed.


We are a mixed league with a majority of St. Edna parishioners.  Relatives, friends, seniors, and couples are welcomed at anytime. Our league consists of 8 teams with 3-4 members each. 

Come join us.  We are a very fun loving, diverse, handicapped league, with averages ranging from 88-166, and ages from 32 to 91 years

Season Information:

New season information to be determined

Season Begins: August
Season Ends: April 
* Break between Christmas and New Year's

We Bowl:

Day/Time: Wednesdays at 12:30pm.
Location: Arlington Lanes (Kennicott, just south of Dundee Road - Arlington Heights)

Dues: $11.00 per week includes prize money for Turkey and Easter Shoots and Banquet

(Couples welcome)

Special Events

We are as serious about having fun as we are about bowling. 

Turkey Shoot (November):

St. Edna Senior Bowling Christmas Party (December): There is a pot luck Christmas Party, during bowling, with an optional $10.00 grab bag.

Easter Ham Shoot (March): Prize - $10.00 per team

End of the Season Banquet: April 2019 - We have a banquet at the end of the season at a local restaurant where we celebrate the season and hand out the cash awards.



Join Us

To learn more about Mixed/Seniors Bowling, please contact Ann Berry