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St. Edna Craft & Vendor Fair

St. Edna's annual craft and vendor fair featuring jewelry, holiday items, cooking supplies, wood crafts, and much more.

St. Edna 2019 Craft & Vendor Fair



Vendor Information

Thanks for your interest in being involved with the St. Edna Craft Fair.  Please email Connie or Kathy with any questions. 

We Need You!!!

We are looking for interested, passionate, organized people to be part of the Craft & Vendor fair team. This is a huge event to put on each year, but many hands make light work.  

Volunteers Needed in: set-up/tear down, food service, raffle. Anyone interested, please email Kathy Romza here or call 847-253-1859.  

Interested in being a vendor in the show: 

Connie Groat

General inquiries and volunteer information:

Kathy Romza