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Christian Family Movement (CFM)

CFM offers friendship and support for today's busy family! Families, faith, and fun—that’s what the Christian Family Movement (CFM) is all about! Through prayer, discussion, and action, families grow in their faith as spouses, parents, and families to provide support and friendship to one another. We OBSERVE the world around us, JUDGE in light of Christ’s teachings, and ACT according to what the Gospel calls us to do. Families learn to live their faith in their everyday lives at home, in our communities, and in the market place. If you want to learn more, please contact us.

February 9 / 16, 2018

The Name of God is Mercy -- Chapter 5: Too Much Mercy? & Chapter 8: Mercy and Compassion

Prayer intentions

  • Bridget Maloni-Tarr
  • Brody Swan
  • Dan Stachnik
  • Lily Prawica
  • Dolly Cummings
  • Kristin Kennedy


Opening Prayer

Holy Trinity, you are a family.

We believe you wish our families to reflect your heavenly community.

Jesus has called us to family ministry, and asked his heavenly Father not to take us from the world, but to deliver us from evil. And so we pray for the Christian Family Movement, that present members may grow in grace and that new families may join us.

Through good example and prayer, may our homes become that which you desire them to be: true domestic churches, temples of your glory, and schools of humanity, ushering in the reign of God.



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Scripture reading

Matthew 18:21-22

Discussions questions:

  • “Lord, teach me how to forgive and let go.” – What is your reaction to this quotation?


Discussion questions on The Name of God is Mercy

  • What “jewels” are the hardest to present to God?
  • What is God Waiting for from you?
  • Who are the shepherds we follow today and are they teaching us the ways of mercy and compassion?
  • Can we as human beings show mercy or only compassion?


ACT: The Corporal / Spiritual Works of Mercy

This year will we choose actions to carry forth from our meetings that are centered around the corporal & spiritual works of Mercy.

Report on last month's acts:

Counseling the Doubtful

Everyone has moments of doubt in their faith journey. Nevertheless, we should always remember that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and turn to him along our way.

  • "Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may eventually become wise" (Prov 19:20)
  • The Cross of Chris "the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength" (1 Cor 1:25)
  • Has someone asked you for advice? Orient your response to Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • Follow Christ with the witness of your life so that others may see God's love revealed in your actions
  • Accompany a friend who is struggling with believing to join a parish group for service or faith formation, share a book you found useful in dealing with your friend's faith concern, and worship at Sunday Mass


This month's acts:

Give Alms to the Poor

Donate money to organizations that have the ability to provide support and services for those in need.  Do research and find organizations that put people in need first, rather than profit.

  • Skip the morning latte and put that money in the collection basket at church.
  • Find a charity that is meaningful to you and volunteer your time or donate.
  • This Lent, give up eating out at restaurants.  Pack you meals and donate the extra money to charities.
  • Participate in CRS Rice Bowl


Closing Prayer

Just and merciful God,
you take pity even on sinners
and you continue with them
a dialogue of grace and hope.

Help us to never condemn, never give up on people,
but be patient, understanding, and forgiving,
together with you and Jesus your Son,
who lives with you and the Holy Spirit
for ever and ever.


2017-2018 Groups

Jan & Bob O'Brien
  • Steve & Mary Anglieu
  • Jim & Rosemarie Fagan
  • Bob & Karen Ferraro
  • Joe & Shirley Havel
  • Tom & Angie Lelmstetter
  • Jim & Elizabeth Jensen
  • Tim & Sue Perek
  • Randy & Denise Swanson
  • John & Marge Wenzel


Carl & Chrisine Krzystofczyk
  • Fred & Marilynn Broviak
  • Noe & Mary Jo Cobian
  • Joe & Chris Corbett
  • Michael & Katherine Jehring
  • Brett & Emily Kopetsky
  • Mike & Mary Lou Maloni
  • Bob & Joan Passaglia
  • Dan & Yolanda Starchnik
  • Mary Jo Stepek
  • Bruce & Gloria Vosburgh


What is Christian Family Movement?

The Mission of the Christian Family Movement (CFM) is to promote Christ-centered marriage and family life; to help individuals and their families to live the Christian faith in everyday life; and to improve society through actions of love, service, education, and example. CFM is a heterogeneous group made up of all different types of families from many different walks of life with a common bond:

• Creating a Christ-centered marriage and family life
• Helping to live our faith in our daily life
• Helping to improve society through actions of love, service and education by our example.

CFM adult members get together in small groups (about five to seven couples each) to discuss topics that are related to better living faith, becoming better parents and becoming better spouses.

CFM monthly meetings are supplemented with occasions of recreation, fun and prayer that include the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does CFM Meet?

Generally speaking, CFM meetings take place on the second Friday of the month beginning with a kick-off meeting in September and continuing through May. Discussion begins at 8 p.m. and usually lasts until 10 p.m. with social time and refreshments served afterwards.

Where does CFM Meet?

CFM meetings are gatherings that take place in a CFM member’s home or in a St. Edna’s meeting room. Each couple is asked to help host a meeting by making reminder calls to the group and providing light refreshments.

Who is CFM?

CFM has no age limitations, no participation requirements, no minimum or maximum family member requirements. You could be married one year or 50, a single parent or divorced. CFM welcomes everyone. 

What does CFM do?

Many of the meetings center around small group discussion.  For the 2016-2017 season, we will be using Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation The Joy Of Love.  It can be downloaded from the Vatican's website or a copy can be purchased at a bookstore.  No specific printing is required.

For further information, please contact Jan & Bob O'Brien at 847.398.3362



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