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Helps the gathered community express its faith through song by providing a musical foundation for the various roles and rites in the Liturgy.


Rehearsals and liturgical preparation are required that ministers might gain an understanding of their role in the liturgy and also grow in their faith and love of Christ.  Weekly rehearsals are held throughout the year, with additional rehearsals based on the needs of the liturgical season and Holy Days.  In addition, an annual Evening of Renewal is provided for all liturgical ministers to reflect on their role as a minister and a member of the St. Edna's Catholic community. 


Those interested in serving are welcome to join at anytime during the year.  Choirs are open to anyone who possesses a love of music.  Participants must be able to carry a tune, match pitch, and follow direction.  Music ministers are expected to consistently attend rehearsals and meet at designated times before liturgies to ensure consistent liturgies.  Music ministers provide a musical foundation for the various roles and rites in the liturgy.  They model being a member of the "Body of Christ" through their vocal or instrumental musical gifts.  Music ministers collaborate with other liturgical ministries by providing an environment of welcome and hospitality.

Liturgical Music Opportunities

Sunday 9:30am Mass Choir

Volunteer Adults of all ages. Choir season runs September to June with weekly evening rehearsals.

Sunday 11:30am Mass Choir

Volunteer Adults of all ages discerned by the director.  Choir maintains rehearsal and liturgy celebration throughout the year.


Volunteer Teens and Adults discerned by the directors.  Rehearsal with the choirs and as needed for the liturgical season.


Volunteer Teens and Adults discerned by the directors.

Sunday Night Liturgy 5:30pm Mass Choir (SNL)

Volunteer high-school teens through young adults lead music year-round with weekly rehearsals and participation in Triduum, Easter, Christmas, and other Holy Days and events.  Summer rehearsals are Sunday evenings only, 4:00-5:30pm.

Children's Choir

Volunteer first through eighth graders serve the people of St. Edna through leadership in sung prayer.  We have rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 6:00-6:50pm in church in preparation to sing for the 9:30 Sunday Mass once a month.  For more information, please click here